Labor and Childbirth Classes

Childbirth classesGYN OB Associates is pleased to offer Prepared Childbirth classes on Saturday evenings from 9:30am – 3:30am at our facilities in the New Boston Road Medical Center. The registration fee is $100 for the course which is reimbursed by most insurances. You can print the form by clicking on this link: Childbirth-Classes

Classes are conducted by KrisAnn Jardan, our certified nurse midwife and certified childbirth educator. The classes cover:

  • Instruction on the natural progression of labor and birth
  • Variations in the labor process
  • Information about Cesarean sections
  • Relaxation and Lamaze breathing
  • Epidural anesthesia
  • A tour of the labor room and maternity suite
  • Pain management
  • Care of the new mother
  • Care of the newborn
  • Car Seats